Handling of hazardous cargo in the port of Genoa

Legislative Decree no. 272/99, on adjusting the regulations on the health and safety of workers in performing port operations, established, among other things, that the port authorities are to establish the times, limits and procedures for regulating the transit and temporary holding of hazardous cargo in the port environment, for the purpose of the safety of the port installation as a set of state-owned goods, whose handling is the responsibility of said authority.

In compliance with said decree, the Genoa Port Authority (Autorità Portuale di Genova – APG) has prepared that which is needed, both in terms of organization and as regards the regulatory aspect (regulations issued with ordinance no. 4 of 22 May 2001, and subsequent modifications and supplements). 

Therefore, at the port of Genoa, anyone who wishes to:

  • deposit, in the authorized bays, hazardous cargo to be loaded;
  • deposit, in the authorized bays, hazardous cargo that has been unloaded;
  • to get hazardous loads that are to be loaded, or which have been unloaded, away from the authorised parking areas;
must send the Office of Relations with Bodies for port safety and prevention (Ufficio Relazioni Enti per la Prevenzione e la Sicurezza Portuale) the applications provided for by the “Regulations.”

As regards the procedures, APG has made a remote information system available; called C.C.S. (Cargo Community System), in its hazardous cargo section it allows users that work in the hazardous cargo operative cycle to send, remotely, the information required by the “Regulations” and to receive from APG – again remotely – the established authorizations and/or clearances. 


To activate the service and access the system, the Port Authority may provide interested users with the necessary password and login.


At the port of Genoa, 4 hazardous cargo bays are authorized:

  • VTE Container Terminal; 
  • SECH Container Terminal; 
  • Messina S.p.A. Terminal;
  • Industrie Rebora Terminal.


 The objectives of the Regulations issued with Ordinance no. 4/2001 are as follows: 

  1. Continuous, real-time monitoring of the hazardous cargo warehoused in/transiting through the port of Genoa: 
    1. quantity 
    2. position
    3. type of cargo (IMDG Code class)
  2. for the purposes of:
    1. the safety of the port as a whole, as regards a careful assessment of the risks and of the necessary prevention and protection measures;
    2. the need for prompt, appropriate action in the event of accident;
    3. methodical, constant survey of the statistical data / quantity, types, average warehousing times, etc.) also with a view to carefully verifying and prompt assessing whether or not such port infrastructures as monitored bays are appropriate for current – and especially future – traffic needs. 

The provisions of the aforementioned Ordinance must also be complied with by the Companies that perform operations to fuel ships as well as the port vehicles/operating machinery whose technical features make refuelling by a fixed installation impossible. For the purposes of issuing the authorization, which also has the effect of qualifying for the performance of activities until the end of the solar year in question, interested companies must present an application on paper with stamp showing payment of duty, with the following documentation attached:

  • certificate of entry in the company register at the Chamber of Commerce (substitute declaration);
  • declaration containing the list of vehicles and equipment used, as well as the personnel employed in the activity;
  • copy of the total coverage insurance policy; 
  • copy of the qualification to perform the activity, issued by the competent administration. 


Data updated: February 2011


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