Regulations regarding the entry and circulation of exceptional motor vehicles and transport in exceptional conditions in the port environment


Vehicles, loaded or unloaded, having a weight or total dimensions in excess of the values indicated in articles 61 and 62 of the new code of the road, in order to access or circulate in the Genoa port complex, must be authorized (Ordinance of 17 November 1997, no. 11).

To obtain the authorizations for exceptional loads and/or vehicles to enter and transit in the port environment, the hauling Companies and/or firms possessing the requirements pursuant to law no. 298/74 and subsequent modifications and supplements, or the manufacturers of vehicles exceeding the limits indicated in articles 61 and 62 of the new code of the road, shall submit, to the Office for Relations with Bodies for port safety and prevention (Ufficio Relazioni Enti per la Prevenzione e la Sicurezza Portuale) a detailed application on paper with stamp showing payment of duty, by no later than 15 days prior to the date of the start of the requested authorization period.

The application shall indicate and/or attach:

  • a lengthwise, cross-section, and planimetric diagram regarding the configuration of the vehicle or of the convoy with its weight on the axels, empty and fully loaded, tire pressure, and specific pressure on the ground for each tire;
  • the customs entrance and/or access to the port area, and the path to be transited;
  • the date of the trip or trips in which the transport will be carried out, or the period of time in which the trip or trips will be carried out; 
  • description of the load, including the nature of the material in which it is made, and the types of elements constituting it, as well as packaging, where applicable;
  • a declaration signed by the Company’s owner or legal representative as to the viability of the entire itinerary must be attached to the application, with particular regard to the vehicle’s curve radius as well as the absence of power lines leaving a clearance of less than 0.40 m, and of constructions leaving a clearance of less than 0.90 m from the inner surface;
  • the authorization application must be accompanied by an authenticated circulation document or replacement document issued by the general management of M.C.T.C. (Motorizzazione Civile e Trasporti in Concessione – civil department of motor vehicles and transport under concession) attesting to the size and the maximum masses recognized as admissible and, in the event of compound vehicles, to the fact that the tractor and the trailer or semitrailer can be combined;


The application may indicate up to a maximum of 5 vehicles as back-up, and that they have documented characteristics similar to those chosen for the transport. Whoever intends to rely on one of the vehicles indicated as back-up must provide written notification to the body issuing the authorization.


The issued authorizations are of two types:

  1. maximum validity of 90 days for a number of trips no greater than 10 (multiple)
  2. maximum validity of 30 days for 1 (one) transit (single)


Authorizations whose validity is yet to expire while the transport(s) have yet to be carried out, may, at the request of the interested party, be extended for a period no greater than that originally granted.

For each authorization issued or reconfirmation thereof, a “fixed fee” of € 25.00 shall be paid, which in no case may be refunded. For the authorizations issued by the urgent procedure, 24 (twenty-four) hours after the application is submitted, the “fixed fee” paid shall be € 45.00.

Should special technical or safety needs so require, the Genoa port authority (Autorità Portuale di Genova) shall be entitled to suspend or revoke the issued authorizations. Authorizations may be denied to those transport Companies or Firms found to have committed infractions of the Ordinance of reference.


Data updated: February 2011


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