The port of Genoa has vast areas that can be the object of interventions to reduce energy waste and develop systems to produce energy from renewable resources – all primarily to benefit the consumption of the very businesses that operate at the port.

To give this opportunity concrete shape, the Port Authority (in collaboration with the Province of Genoa and Fondazione Muvita), has initiated the development of the Port Environment Energy Plan, an instrument that will provide:

  • the management authority with the tools needed to carry out concrete actions to guide the future interventions that may be implemented in the area, including those by private operators; 
  • private port operators with a concrete tool and the accompanying information needed to grasp major investment opportunities capable of generating economic returns, in terms of both savings and revenue


The environmental energy plan’s "guidelines" provide indications as to submitting the application for building systems to produce energy from renewable sources.


We also announce that we have activated a telephone help desk at 840.8888.01 to support you in filling out this form.


It is also stressed that, for operators that have already initiated specific projects on the issue or that intend to do so soon, the complete survey sheet can be requested from the Help Desk. This sheet enables the in-depth energy diagnosis that may be attached to the project documentation. 


Data updated: February 2011


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