Description of the Room

The rectangular interior Loggia, with two lateral loggette, has decorated walls, crowned by a frieze bearing the coats of arms of Genoa’s ancient families; the ceiling is made with brown wood rafters. Coloured tiles form a high wainscot, against which black-stone benches offer refreshing repose and welcome guests to observe the charming environment, whose perimeter is original from the eighteenth century.
The Loggia is enriched with historical tablets, frescoes, and sculptures.


Size of covered area: approximately 17 x 5.80 m

Uses: The space is particularly suitable for cocktails, buffets, and coffee breaks, but can also accommodate exhibitions; located on the ground floor, it has the advantage of being easily accessible to visitors.





Loggia Loggia Loggia Loggia Loggia


Data updated: February 2011


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