Description of the Room

A majestic space built by Banco di San Giorgio in the sixteenth century specially to house the 400-member Grand Council 
Statues depicting the bank’s Protectors are placed on the walls, in rows one atop the other.
Paintings by Domenico Piola, Francesco De Ferrari, and Lucchino da Milano are also of interest.

Also available to the room is the nearby Atrium, an area with some tables, which can be used to register guests or to offer a welcome coffee.


Size: m. 26,71 x 17,66 x 18 h

Seated occupancy: max 250

Uses: conferences, workshops, celebrations, exposition and socio-cultural events

Available equipment: amplification system, fixed and wireless microphones





Sala delle Compere Sala del Compere Sala del Compere Sala del Compere Sala del Compere


N.B: The hall is located on the first floor of Palazzo San Giorgio; there are no elevators or lifts.


Data updated: February 2011


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