Registration procedure

Those interested in being registered on the List must submit a request (on paper with stamp showing payment of duty) to:

Autorità di sistema Portuale del Mar Ligure Occidentale  
Servizio Legale e Gare - Ufficio Gare Lavori Pubblici 
Via della Mercanzia 2 16123 Genova 

Telefono 010.241.2532
Telefax 010.241.2547

The application shall specify the category of the works, services, or supplies for which registration is requested.

The registration application may be submitted for a number of categories.

All that is required in the REGULATIONS OF THE LIST OF SUPPLIERS AND CONTRACTORS shall be attached to the application.


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  • For public works contracts - works:

    Servizio Legale
    Gare e Contratti

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    Ponte Mille
    16126 Genova

    Tel. +39 010 241 2532
    Fax +39 010 241 2547
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